No Call-Out Charge.

All work Guaranteed.

We operate on a simple hourly rate basis for Small jobs and only charge for time taken to do the job. For Bigger jobs a written estimate will be given, detailing the exact works to be carried out. There is no call out charge but we do charge a minimum of £60 for the first 1 hour.

Work estimates

Below is a small list of guide times for a number of typical jobs that might need doing, they are all based on average times taken.

Boiler Service 1 Hour
Landlord Safety Check 1 Hour
Back Boiler Service 1-2 Hours
Change Radiator 2-3 Hours
Change Hot Water Cylinder 4 Hours
Change Pump 1-2 Hours
All prices are plus materials which are charged at the RRP or trade price plus 20% to cover handling cost and so that we can put a guarantee on materials.

Boiler Estimates

Below are some broad costs for various elements of the replacement. They are general costs that I have put together as I get asked a lot for a rough price of installation.
We are a lot cheaper than the Big Gas companies and can still offer up to 10 year manufactures warranty on boilers.
New Boiler £500 - £1,500 (depending on make and model)
Labour fit only £500 - £1,000

Optional Extras

Adding a Magnetic Filtration Unit £120
Power Flushing (half price) see our Power Flushing Page £300
Adding New Radiators (per radiator) £70 - £150 (depending on size & position)
New Wireless Programmer and Thermostat £100 - £150 (depending on make and model)
Adding Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) £20 - £30  (depending on make and model)
Upgrade Gas Supply Pipe from Meter to Boiler  to larger diameter £100 - £200  (depending on distance)
Install Condensate Drain Pipe £100 - £250
Contact us for prices. Payment can be made By cheque, Cash , Bank transfer, Credit card (3% charge).