Nobody can deny the radiant warmth and pleasure we all get from watching the roaring flames of a log burning stove or open fire. They have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise in energy costs, and the push towards everyone becoming more environmentally aware and using renewable energy sources.

Due to huge demand from our customers DB Plumbing now offer a complete on- site, personalised service taking the pressure off from the start. Our specialist heating engineers are HETAS/Gas Safe registered, so are on hand from the very beginning to give you advice on current regulations, what size stove, chimney type and fuel type would best suit your requirements. Here are some questions we are most frequently asked:

Can I fit a stove myself?

Yes, you do not have to use a HETAS registered installer to fit your new stove. However, if you choose to do this you will need to contact your local building control department, as they will need to inspect and certify the work being undertaken is done to current standards.

What are the benefits of using a HETAS registered installer?

A HETAS registered installer is able to ‘self-certify’ and carry out work to current building regulations. Also if you are planning on moving, you will need evidence of compliance with building regulations, if you do not have this you will need to get it, or remove your stove before selling your property.

Can I fit a stove myself and get a HETAS registered installer to certify my work?

No, unfortunately not. A HETAS engineer cannot sign off work undertaken by anyone other than themselves, they are prohibited to do so. The main reason is that if any part has been fitted incorrectly they can be dangerous.

Can I have a stove even if I haven’t got a chimney?

Yes in most cases, we may need to fit a ‘twin wall flue’ system which can be fitted to the outside of the building or run internally, which allows the smoke to be emitted safely and effectively away from your home.

Do I need to check if I am in a smoke controlled area?

Yes, you can check on your local council website. If you are in a smoke ‘controlled area’ you cannot burn wood, unless you use a DEFRA exempt appliance.

What size stove will I need for my home?

The majority of stoves we fit are below 5KW, however the age of your property, how well it is insulated, draught proofed, ventilated and room size etc. will have to be taken into consideration.

I've just taken out a gas fire, can I connect a stove to the gas liner?

No, unfortunately you can’t. It would need to be replaced with a solid fuel liner as the steel gas liner will not be able to withstand the temp output from a wood burner or solid wood stove.

We take pride in offering a great service at very competitive and affordable prices. We are even happy for you to source your own stove in order to keep the cost to a minimum or if you would like us to supply and fit, we are happy to do so, whichever you prefer. So, for a free no obligation quotation, or just friendly professional advice please contact us.

Boiler Stoves Link Up

Although not as common as the wood burning stove, the boiler stove offers a wet option, which is becoming increasingly popular, as it can heat your entire central heating system and give you plenty of hot water, as well as a cosy focal point to your room, using a single stove. In effect your getting ‘free’ hot water and warm radiators. Wood stoves can work well in combination with many types of central heating systems including radiators, under floor heating, solar thermal heating and heat pumps, in order for you to get most out of your heating system all year round.